Awards and Recognition:Overall National Award Recipient National HEER Award RecreationNational HEER Award HealthNational HEER Award Employment etc.

HEER Awards
  • Overall National Award Recipient                                             1990
  • National HEER Award Recreation                                             1994 - 1995
  • National HEER Award Health                                                    1994
  • National HEER Award                                                                 Education 1995 - 2nd Place
  • National HEER Award Health                                                    1996
  • National HEER Award Education                                              1997
  • National HEER Award Health                                                    1999 - 3rd Place
  • National HEER Award Health                                                    2000 - 2nd Place
  • National HEER Award Recreation                                             2001
  • Not eligible in 2002 due to hosting the National Conclave
  • National HEER Award Employment                                          2003
  • National HEER Award Health                                                    2nd Place 2004
National Awards
  • National Edna M. Calhoun Membership Award
  • National Membership Award                                                 2003
  • National Membership Award                                                 2004
  • National Membership Award                                                 2005
  • National Asthma and Literacy Awards est.                           2004

  • National Asthma Award                                                         2004
  • National Literacy Award                                                         2004
  • National Asthma Award                                                         2005
  • National Literacy Award                                                         2005

Overall National Award Recipient
  • Overall HEER Award 1990
  • 1st Place Overall HEER Award for all Programs 2013
  • Miami Dade County Public School System Dade Partner    1998 - Present
  • Judges for Bel-Aire Science Fair Projects                               2004
  • Orange Bowl Foundation - Outstanding Achiever                2004
Other Activities
  • Donated $1,000.00 to United Negro College Fund
  • Co-Sponsored UNCF An Evening of Gospel Under the Stars
  • Continental Sunday at The Fountain at Pembroke Pines a donation of approximately $700 was presented to Pastor Wayne Lomax: Yolanda Brown, Jackie Glivens, Joyce King Jones, Gail Meeks, Donna Wilson (Symone), Mary Palmer, Cassandra Macon (Dominique, Keyshawn), LaTessa Hall. (Richard, Briana and Bryant), Earlene Dotson (Albert)
  • Collected over 300 backpacks for Hurricane Katrina Survivors Backpacks included: Pens, pencils, Crayons, colored pencils, paper, composition books, stuffed animal, scissors, ruler, glue sticks, and a letter from a child in Miami letting them know that they care. We also collected toiletries: Soap. toothbrushes and toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo/conditioner, wipes, diapers, deodorant, combs, brushes ,etc.
  • Sponsored the African Children Choir performance in Miami 2004 & 2005. Partnered with Fountain Ministries, Second Baptist and Peaceful Zion.