Louisiana Relief Project : pajamas and holiday giftsContinentalsWhat A Big Heart!on the way to Louisiana 5 boxes with pajamasLet HisLight Shinequality andin decent order

Good Afternoon Sisters 
It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the pajamas and holiday gifts are on the way to Louisiana. We shipped 5 boxes with pajamas, stockings, toys and candy canes.

Thank you so very much for your generous donations to this project. May God Bless each of you with continued grace and mercy during this holiday season. 
Continental Dr. White’s Legacy continues through Katie. Over 100s of pajamas are on their way to New Orleans!

Madam President Vassie helping to make sure they are all packed and ready for shipping! All donations are from the CSI ladies!
A Huge Shout Out to Continental Katie May-Taylor and the Continentals,Greater Miami Chapter,: What A Big Heart; everything was of quality and in decent order, we even added a box of toys, and made sure they would arrive on time. All of U are to be commended for making this LOUISIANA RELIEF PROJECT A Huge  SUCCESS AND  FOR MAKING SOMEBODY'S CHILD FEEL SPECIAL.AGAIN, THANK U FOR A LOVING AND KINDRED SPIRIT, U ARE AMAZING TO SAY THE LEAST, GLORY BE TO GOD! AMEN